How Can You Maintain Your Trusted Advisor Status Now?

You’ve worked very hard to develop your reputation as the go-to expert in your industry, right?

But with nearly everyone wearing masks now, social distancing rules, and no opportunities for in-person networking or public speaking, what can you do?

Here are some ideas to help keep your role as trusted advisor intact:

  1. If you never wrote or sent blogs or newsletters to your clients before, now’s the time to start. Write crisp, short messages, 300-400 words tops, relevant and personalized pieces. Share a story from your own experience or one you’ve heard from a client or friend, without violating any confidentiality. Don’t oversell anything.
  2. You can post these written pieces on your Facebook Page, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Another option is to send these insights as an email attachment to your client base, once a month, or more often if there are timely issues to address.
  3. Ask for a short phone appointment (or Zoom) to check-in with your clients just to see how they’re doing amidst the pandemic, without expecting to be paid for the call.
  4. Make yourself available as a guest speaker for virtual association meetings that are using online platforms like Zoom and Go To Meeting. Traditional organizations like Rotary and Chambers of Commerce are continuing their customary meetings online instead of in-person to keep their membership. With your timely and upbeat message, you will reinforce your existing relationships and open the door to new ones.

It’s true the rules of the game are changing but you remain a valued resource for many in your community. Continue to reach out, reminding your sphere of influence that you are their trusted advisor, and good things will follow!