June 6th-101

What If Your Team Could…

  • Reduce Conflict and Save Wasted Time Among Team Members?
  • Better Identify Internal Strengths and Increase Shared Goals?
  • Help Everyone Become a More Efficient and Effective Contributor and Collaborator?
  • Increase Sales Results With Better Client Interactions?

With Your Customized Team Leadership Communication Program, You Will:

  • Learn how to identify and work more effectively with the four key personality styles in your office for more rewarding conversations with fewer conflicts. Give valuable team skills to each manager and employee.
  • Gain understanding of how to better motivate your teams and yourself by taking advantage of the 12 different motivations that drive our behavior and how to use these insights for more positive outcomes with co-workers and clients.
  • Recognize the most important of the 25 competencies your colleagues have, and areas for improvement, and how to use these important skill sets to improve internal and external results.
  • Learn practical problem-solving techniques.

How Your Program Works: It’s simple and rewarding!

  • Each team member and/or executive takes a specialized assessment and receives a personalized set of reports. Choose from Executive, Manager/Staff, and Sales versions. Available in multiple languages.
  • Team and Group reports give an overview of all staff reports to promote better management and hiring practices.
  • A set of customized training sessions is set up based on the reports and management goals.

Ask for a complimentary assessment and review to see if this approach is right for your organization. Choose from Executive, Manager/Staff or Sales versions. Click here.

Three Reasons Why Group Training for Public Speaking & Presentations Works

(From 2-10+ participants)

  1. When you develop your message and/or story and practice before others you are gaining practical experience and realistic feedback.
  2. You learn from others about what to do – and not do – in a natural, supportive environment.
  3. By the time your words are refined and ready to present, you’ll have more confidence and have discovered your own, unique voice and story.

*If English is not your native language, you’ll have first-hand, up-close opportunities to try out different ways of getting your ideas and expertise across – and improve your flexibility, too.

How Coach Anne Works with Your Team’s Aspiring Speakers:

  1. Participants first select an important message for internal or external audiences, to present individually or as a group.
  2. In a series of virtual or in-person sessions, they receive step-by-step guidance and feedback from peers and Coach Anne to improve and advance their speeches or presentations, including rehearsals and final adjustments as needed.
  3. Private sessions can also be arranged.

Ask Coach Anne for a customized training proposal for your group. Click here.