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Advance Your Public Speaking, Story-Telling, Presentations and Speeches

Private Coaching for Executives, Community Leaders, and Business Owners in the United States and Internationally*

Are you concerned about:

  • Being boring, or making your points clearly and convincingly?
  • Not connecting to your audience to get the results you need?
  • Showing up with confidence, as an experienced expert?
  • *Your accent or nervousness interfering with your message and impact?

With Anne B. Freedman as Your Executive Speaking Coach, You Will:

  • Develop a Real, Successful Message for Any Audience – From Choosing the Right Ideas and Details Through Executive Rehearsal.
  • Learn to Organize Your Content for Any Type of Talk – Planned or Last-Minute.
  • Elevate Your Delivery Techniques Using Proven Business Theater Tactics.
  • Connect With Your Audience and Prepare for the Unexpected to Bolster Your Self-Confidence.
  • *Overcome Any Limitations Not Being a Native English Speaker May Pose.

Use Your New Approach, Message, and Skills When Speaking

Externally -- To Clients, Associations, Business Groups, Investors, and Prospects

Internally – To Your Team and Board of Directors

*International clients making presentations in English will find Anne’s experience especially helpful! But know that being nervous about speaking isn’t limited to non-native speakers.

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