When asked what was the biggest turning point in his life, billionaire Warren Buffet has consistently cited taking a public speaking course with Dale Carnegie.

My clients, too, have built their personal brand going through our training programs and online resources, and you can, too! Here are four ways I recommend to build your speaking skills this year, no matter what your current level of confidence or expertise:

  1. Identify what’s of value that you can share with others better than anyone else. Write it down. Make the know-how you’ve acquired become the core of your speaking. Then, give yourself a deadline to find at least three places you could speak in the next three months, and get yourself on the agenda. Start with the easiest and begin getting ready now.

  2. Look online for examples of others doing what you’re envisioning on Instagram, You Tube, and other sites. Try watching at least 8-10 different presentations, take notes, and determine what’s missing, not clear or if there’s something you could incorporate into your own message.(By the way, you’re invited to my workshop, Networking to Build Your Personal Brand, sponsored by Women in Financial Services, March 4, 11:50 a.m. to 1:30 pm, at the 94th Aerospace Squadron Restaurant, Miami. To register, please click here.

  3. When you go to a conference or a meeting, listen like a critic. Consider what you’re hearing and seeing in these two main arenas.

  • A. Content. Did they tailor the information to your audience? How did they open and did it capture attention? Was there too much, or too little content, or was it just right? Were the stories memorable
  • B. Delivery. Was the speaker confident or hesitant? Was there vocal variety or a monotone. How would you rate the use of hands, gestures, visuals and personal energy?
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