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Advance Your Public Speaking Skills and Presence in These Challenging Times.

About the Host

Miami’s pre-eminent public speaking and executive communication coach, Anne B. Freedman.

Anne B. Freedman is an international presentation coach, communication expert, author, and consultant. As the founder and president of Speakout, Inc., she has trained and worked with thousands of executives and businesses, including multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and community-based organizations worldwide.

Webinar Recordings


How to Open Your Online Meeting or Pitch So They Stay Tuned!

  • How to set the stage so they’ll get involved right away
  • What about those technology do’s and don’ts
  • When a story isn’t the best way to begin …
  • Using emotional and logical techniques to your advantage
  • Unleashing the power of your passion
  • Why openings aren’t just for the opening

Online Meetings: How to Keep Connecting to Their Ears, Mind and Heart

  • How to determine your true goal vs what they want
  • Choosing and organizing the right content as the key to connecting
  • Sharing facts and stories that make a difference
  • What words to avoid and what to favor
  • Ramping up your voice and presence to make your points

Proven Make-Up Tips to Improve Your Online Appearance in Presentations & Meetings

  • Special step-by-step guidance from Miami Make-up Artist Terry Jacobs
  • How to choose the right colors for on-camera
  • The role of powder, blush and your brushes
  • What to do with your eyes for the best look
  • How make-up for virtual meetings differs from everyday

How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Speaking Online (and Off)

  • What’s different about presenting online vs. in person
  • How to prepare now to make the impact you want
  • Why organizing your content to connect matters even more now
  • Tips on how to energize yourself to keep them engaged
  • Asking for what you want without seeming “salesyâ€

Online Persuasion: Learn How to Recognize and Influence the Four Personality Types Now

  • Why one size doesn’t fit all during a presentation
  • Recognizing the four different styles in your world and team
  • What kind of conflict can you expect
  • How to adjust your content and approach depending on who’s listening to achieve your goals
  • Ways to maneuver when things don’t go as expected