Do you want to get the best possible result from your next presentation?

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What you’ll learn:

With this step-by-step approach you’ll master the key elements of persuasive speaking to become a more effective, engaging contributor at meetings, internally, with clients and before groups. 

Content Organization

Techniques to develop powerful talking points.

Get Attention

Ways to open strong and maintain attention.

How to Persuade

How to identify the words they want to hear. 

Closing Techniques

Closing tactics to get the ‘yes’ you’re seeking.

What’s in the eCourse?

  • Proven techniques to help you organize your content into one of five convincing formats.
  • Six different ways to open and command attention from the beginning ‘“ and throughout your message.
  • Guidance to deal with different personality types and motivations in your team or audience leading to a more persuasive outcome.
  • Convenient platform, means you can complete the eCourse anytime, wherever you are ‘“ on your tablet, computer or smartphone.
  • Q&A Support. Learners can submit questions through the eCourse.



Customized online programs to kick-off the eCourse with a personalized orientation for new corporate learners, mid-way question-and-answer sessions, and virtual critique of completed presentations.

One-on-One Sessions

Face-to-face or virtual access to expert coaching throughout the eCourse.

Group training experiences led by Speakout founder and eCourse developer Anne B. Freedman and other experts.

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Dr. Michael
P. Newman

D.C. P.A.

‘Your course has been extremely useful in developing the steps for the presentations that I give in the community on health and wellness. I found the many examples helpful, too.’

Susan Perry

CEO, Taylannas, Inc.

‘As CEO and Founder, I am expected to speak regularly in a variety of venues. Nothing terrified me more. Working through this incredible course has helped me to not only be extremely effective but comfortable giving a presentation.’

Glaucia Hartman

CEO, GH International Consultants

‘Speak Your Way To The Top! is an inspirational and practical course on how to do presentations for all
levels of work experience. The step-by step process makes it both easily accessible and an enjoyable
experience when working on a presentation.’

L. Meyers

PhD and author

Something to say but don’t know how to say it?For years, I tried and failed to kill my Ugly PowerPoint and to think beyond the bullets. Now, when I face a new presentation or speaking challenge, I open this course for practical, step-by-step guidance and inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is included in the eCourse?

Nine explanatory videos, step-by-step instruction with 100 practical lessons, 50+ audio-tips, and 60+ fill-able PDFs. You’re guided from idea stage through content development and ultimately to crafting your finished, persuasive message. Bonus videos focus on overcoming fear and performance techniques. 

How long does the eCourse take?

Depending on the length of your message and how much rewriting you do, the course can take anywhere from four to 12 hours. A typical commitment is one hour/day for 10 days.

Is it compatible with a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes, the eCourse can be integrated into most LMSs.

Do you offer private or group training?

Yes, options for both can be made available to companies purchasing the eCourse for their executives and up and comers.