[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]This is Part 2 of a 3-Part Series. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, read that first:

Part 1: [CASE STUDY] How My Client Turned His First Speech Into $109,000,000

Part 3: The Ultimate Public Speaking Blueprint

No matter what your level of confidence may be right now with respect to public speaking, no matter how much experience or how little you have, you, too, can deliver a passionate speech that gets you a standing ovation and new prospects for your business. Or followers and donors for your cause.

How do I know? Because I’ve seen this transformation happen time and time again with my public speaking clients.

It’s All On You…

What’s especially relevant here, as you’ll soon see, is this ability to do public speaking well has nothing to do with your character or whether or not you’re an introvert.

Because delivering passionate, persuasive, and impressive speeches depends only on your approach and willingness to practice.

To get to your mountain top of speaking success, it takes accepting the fact that success-or failure-is in your own hands. It’s not a matter of birth or personality.

If you need some proof to believe that, please check out the first blog in this series, where I shared the experiences of my public speaking client, Juan, who scored a $109,000,000 contract after developing his leadership speaking skills and team… even though he is a soft-spoken introvert. (Click here for this blog.)

But for now, let’s just say you are willing to believe me and in your own potential. You can see yourself as a powerhouse on stage, capable of influencing your audience and obtaining the outcome you’re seeking.

This Is How You Forget About Pressure

What comes next is proper preparation. Here’s how you start:

You’ll need to find out what motivates you, what your passions are, and exactly what is it that you want to achieve with your presentation.

Focus on the issue you’re going to talk about, and make sure it’s truly important to you. If you already know it’s important to you, you’ll still need to remind yourself. Go through all the reasons and everything you feel about your topic.

In other words, it’s vital to get fired up and ready to convince people to stand with you.

This soul-searching exploration is an often overlooked, crucial step that helps transform even the most insecure, soft-spoken introvert into a confident, persuasive leader. Often, this process is not easy. But during our strategy sessions, we put a lot of effort into coming up with the best ways to get you fired up, so you can begin to do it on demand!

Once you’re ready, take note of what got you there and how it feels. You’ll use this insight later to get back into the same state before your performance.

Laying The Foundations Of Your Speech or Presentation

Next, you’ll need to write everything down that’s on your mind. My clients love this part of our session!

At this point, you’re not writing a message. You’re just writing a long list of reasons, stories, data, and emotions that will help you get your point across. Don’t judge what whatever comes to mind! Let yourself write it down. And don’t worry about grammar either.

Now, if you’re really passionate about your topic, your list of potential material will be long.

Maybe you’ll be surprised how persuasive some of your points already are, but don’t fall in love with your list just yet.

Because the next thing we do at our strategy sessions is trim and cut this list down mercilessly.

We want to fit it into the Ultimate Public Speaking Blueprint.

And I’ll cover the steps of the Ultimate Public Speaking Blueprint in the next part of this series.

Get My Help With All This

Until then, if you want me to personally help you go through this process, overcome your fear of the stage, and make a great public speaker and leader out of you, let me know when you’re up for your free first strategy session.

Simply click the link above and you can set the date and time that’s convenient for you.

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