Your ‘Go-To’ Presentation Kit


4 How-to eBooks and 4 You Can Do It! Videos
For Online and Live Messages

Get ready to succeed as a persuasive speaker! Discover the key basics of putting together a message they’ll want to hear and that will help you reach your goals.

You’ll love these colorful, fill-able e-books to easily capture your ideas, facts, stories, and more. And practical, enjoyable streamed videos give you proven techniques quickly and enjoyably. Use the e-books and watch the videos whenever you need an instant refresher, on any digital device

Here’s what’s included in your collection:

  • eBook: How to Get Started to Reach that ‘Yes!’
  • Video: How to Overcome Your Fear & Loathing of Public Speaking
  • eBook: How to Organize Your Content to Reach Your Speaking Goals
  • Video: How to Organize Your Content to Keep Their Attention
  • eBook: How to Open Strong & Command Attention Right Away
  • Video: Your Body Language & Words
  • eBook: How to Influence Different Personalities Every Day
  • Video: How to Get What You Want by Giving Them What They Want
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