miniCourse: How to Get Started to Reach That ‘Yes!’


Interactive E-Book:
How to Get Started to Reach That ‘Yes!’


Now You Can Video:
How to Overcome Your Fear & Loathing of Public Speaking


Faced with the challenge of putting together an important speech or presentation, where do you begin? In this easy-to-navigate interactive E-book, you’ll find yourself answering critical questions about your audience, goals, knowledge, specialties and expectations, all leading to valuable insights that help you craft the foundation for a positive, persuasive message.

What you can expect in this E-book is down-to-earth guidance to move what’s in your head and heart about your topic out into the open to better decide what you really want the outcome to be for your message. You’ll also have a place to freely brainstorm ideas and options, all designed to help you develop content that leads to a ‘yes’ at the end.