While doing a particularly challenging underwater exercise, my swim aerobics instructor, Maria, suddenly shouted: “Don’t leave your body unattended!â€

When you’re in the midst of a speech or a presentation, it’s easy to get lost in the moment, to figuratively lose connection with your body. You put all of your mental energy into conveying your ideas and trying to engage the audience.

What can happen if you’re not careful is that you start to look like a talking head instead of a total person. Think of the bobble dolls. Is that the impression you want to make?

Instead, if you follow Maria’s wise words about not leaving “your body unattended,†you can maintain more control over what your heart, hands, and mouth may actually be doing while you’re speaking.

What can you do to stay in charge of your own body? Consider the F-O-C-U-S acronym I have developed for speaker body care:

F – Find a friendly face right away in the audience or board room and selfishly bask in the vibes. Can’t find one? Conjure up the face of your Mother, best friend, or significant other and imagine that person is cheering you on.

O – Open up your lungs by remembering to breathe in with your stomach out and exhale bringing your stomach in, yoga style. Forgetting to breathe when we’re anxious is normal but not especially helpful when you’re a speaker! Your voice will sound breathless and uncertain.

C – Create value for those listening. You will feel better about your speaking experience when you know that you’re providing content that is meaningful and relevant. Don’t skimp on examples, success stories and other ways to help your audience get the mostA woman in business attire is giving a presentation. from sharing your expertise with them.

U – Urge participation! Plan specific places where you are asking for a show of hands or otherwise inviting people to stand and respond to your question. Or, build in places where attendees can interact with those near them about the topic you’re presenting. Remember, many people love to be a part of the show, and they’ll love you more when you help make that possible!

S – Smile inside and outside. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, the deliberate raising of the corners of your mouth will hasten a relaxed, good feeling. It’s not logical, but it works!

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