Finally learned on April 23rd that I am “negative†for Coronavirus after two rounds of testing. While the good news was most welcome after an Inconclusive result the first time, I remain troubled by what I saw at Marlins Park where the testing took place.

It wasn’t the military and local folk who staffed the gigantic baseball and concert stadium that caused my dismay. They were courteous and efficient. What I remain disturbed about was the presence of only three or four other cars awaiting testing at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday and then again on a Sunday in that huge facility.

When making the appointment, we had been advised to bring food, water and be prepared not to use a bathroom for a few hours as we couldn’t get out of the car. Gratefully, the whole process took under 30 minutes. But why were there so few cars?

On a positive note, it seems that more local testing sites are being opened throughout Miami-Dade County. There’s no question that before things return to close to normal, more people will need to be tested to assure everyone’s safety in their workplace, schools and shops.

A woman sitting at a table with papers and a laptop.

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On a different note, you’ve no doubt noticed that the new “norm†is meeting and networking online, with virtual cocktail parties, pitches, and an abundance of webinars on nearly any topic imaginable.  I’m sure you’ve signed on for a meeting or a webinar only to hear the host go on and on about the technology or housekeeping issues. Didn’t you grow impatient awaiting the “good stuff?â€

In keeping with the needs of business and community leaders like you in these challenging times, we’re offering a series of free webinars to help you expand your online presentation skills and presence

What you’ll learn in our YOU CAN DO IT ONLINE! Webinar Series:

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  • May 14: How to Open Your Online Meeting or Pitch So They Stay Tuned!
  • May 21: Online Meetings: How to Keep Connecting to Their Ears, Mind, and Heart
  • May 28: Proven Make-Up Tips to Improve Your Online Appearance in Presentations & Meetings
  • June 4: How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Speaking Online (and Off)
  • June 11: Online Persuasion: Learn How to Recognize and Influence the Four Personality Types Now
A woman sitting at a table with papers and a laptop.

One recommendation from the first webinar that you can use right away is to greet everyone first, say something compelling, and then go briefly into whatever technology or housekeeping information is relevant. Find out some of the best ways to begin your online meetings, videos, presentations and pitches so no one tunes you out in the future!

Looking forward to welcoming you to our shared learning experiences starting next week! Questions? Contact me.