A woman sitting at a table with papers and a laptop.

If you’re feeling a bit swamped with so many new avenues to pursue now that the New Year is here, I empathize. I’m dealing with new marketing plans, new clients, new software (365), a new computer, a new assistant and a new bookkeeper!

And if part of your rash of new endeavors is speaking engagements, presentations or dealing with team communication – within your company in your leadership role, to business and community groups, or to investors – you’re not alone, either.

With the recent calls and emails I’ve been receiving (gratefully!) for communication and public speaking coaching, it seems that more and more people are realizing that the wondrous social media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  et al – can only take us so far.  The need for top-drawer face-to-face speaking, within an organization and carrying a message outbound, remains a high priority.

What new effort could you undertake in the coming months to help get the word out about your expertise, your organization’s excellence and viability, or your cause or mission? How about starting a Speakers Bureau?  What impact could that create for you?

What new ways can you improve the team communication within your business or nonprofit? What difference on your bottom line and ambience could a new approach make?

Constantly coming up with the energy to take charge of our newest demands can seem daunting. However, as my dear late mother, Natalie B. Lyons always said: “This, too, shall pass.â€Â  Equally true, the new never remains new. Inevitably, without our doing a single thing, the newness wears off and we are grappling with an idea that if not old, is now no longer new and therefore not so threatening or overwhelming. I find comfort in knowing that I’ll figure out what to do, if not immediately, then in a reasonable time. You will, too. Let me know what communication goals you’ve set for the new year and how I can help.