For the next 5 days, you will get valuable short-cuts showing you how to take your many wonderful ideas, and organize them into a well-designed, persuasive presentation.

What’s inside


Day 1

Questions to Ask and Answer First


Day 2

How to Open So They Don’t Look at Their Phones


Day 3

How to Set the Stage for a Persuasive Message


Day 4

How to Organize Your Content


Day 5

How to End and Get What You’re After

Speak to Succeed eCourse Overview


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It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the business world, academia, a nonprofit or government agency. If you’re committed to your role, most likely you find yourself needing to persuade people to do something, right?

And if you’re a subject matter expert but are not able to connect with your audience, that know-how is wasted and won’t lead to the results you want or expect.

For best results from your free Mini-Course, I recommend that you use the five daily how-to emails to develop a real presentation you have coming up soon.