Leadership Speaking Retreat in Miami

Develop More Powerful Messages and Presence in Only Three Days

How would increasing your speaking effectiveness and confidence – and those on your team — impact your bottom line and your leadership results?

What’s the cost of not having your voice heard when it counts most before customers, leaders, the board, or in the community?

Now you can acquire the speaking skills and build the presentation you and your organization need with professional guidance in a supportive, rewarding executive retreat.

What’s Included in the Leadership Speaking Retreats for business leaders?

1. Develop an engaging business presentation that showcases your expertise, products or services. Promote yourself, your team and your organization. In your market, at conferences or to investors.

You receive step-by-step instruction on how to put together an impressive, convincing message. You’ll find out how to identify what your audience wants and how to sift through your many ideas and select the best content. Learn how to craft your presentation from an attention-grabbing opening to the right main ideas and a strong closing statement with professional guidance at every point along the way.

2. Find your own voice and style while deepening your understanding of the role of personalities as a speaker and leader.

To further increase your odds of success whenever you speak, you will receive insights on your communication style, motivations and other factors that can influence your outcome with all audiences. With your set of three personalized reports and instruction, you’ll learn how to best approach and persuade the different personality types in your audiences and for important conversations. Team reports are provided when multiple participants from one organization attend the Retreat.
3. Personalized coaching on content and delivery to maximize your impact.

It’s not enough to have a written presentation. You need the right stories, data and examples. Further, how you adapt your content to be a stimulating, articulate and personable when speaking live or online is what truly matters. Choices of words, attire, use of gestures, tone of voice and other common aspects of public speaking can also positively – or negatively – impact your success when you’re presenting. You’re given immediate and valuable feedback on what you’re saying and how to modify it if needed to create the outcome you and your organization are seeking.
4. Be prepared for both planned and impromptu speaking opportunities.

While mastering how to develop a planned presentation, you’ll be given chances to try out key components and learn to become more adept at those last-minute speaking situations. After all, the reality is you’ll most likely give more impromptu responses to questions than planned presentations! The skill of being able to maneuver quickly on your feet will pay for itself over and over again.

5. Receive access to Speakout’s exclusive online learning resources you can use anywhere, anytime.

Gain access to Speak Your Way to the Top, eCourse, with nine steps, videos, interactive exercises, fill-able PDFs, audio tips and much more. You’ll use this course to develop your main presentation. Additionally, you’ll be given materials to help you craft a Mini-Pitch, or self-introduction and other tools for networking.

6. Optional video taping of finished segments for social media and other marketing purposes.

If you decide you want to video any part of your finished presentation, Speakout can make available professional video support to help you leave your Retreat with components you can use for social media, your website and other applications. This may require an additional day to complete.

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