Team Communication and Leadership Mentoring Programs

Are you taking full advantage of the different capabilities and approaches your team members bring to the table? Do they know how to talk to each other to get consistent, positive results? Is conflict interfering with your organization’s goals and plans?

Speakout’s proven Team Communication and Leadership Mentoring Programs provide you with practical, proven solutions that last.

  • Personalized insights into each team member’s communication strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Analysis of individual communication styles and motivations to more successfully form groups for specific projects and planning.
  • Leadership development exercises to master critical conversations with more flexibility and strategy to accomplish goals with reduced conflict.
  • Creative paths to problem-solving and improving interpersonal relationships for leaders at all levels.
  • Availability of Comparison Reports, and Comprehensive Team Reports for current and future decision-making, teamwork, promotions, hiring and other important purposes.
  • Customized training programs for small, medium, and large companies and organizations, including family businesses.

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