International Leadership Speaking Retreats

Increase Your Business Presentation Success in English


A Fast-Track Learning Experience from Speakout, Inc.

3-5 Day Customized Programs in Miami

How effectively are you introducing your products, services and expertise in English to potential customers?

What business are you losing or perhaps not attracting because you and your team members are not coming across as clearly confidently in English as you need to be?

What cultural nuances are you missing that could be interfering with your relationship-building and sales efforts?

Now you can bring yourself and your team to an intensive, practical and rewarding professional retreat in Miami, Florida.

Experience the proven Fast-Track learning experience and leave ready to put your best foot forward every time.

What’s Included in the Executive Speaking Retreats for English-as-a-second language business leaders?

1. Develop an actual business presentation in English for immediate use to promote yourself and your company in the U.S. and other markets.

You receive step-by-step instructions on how to put together an impressive, convincing message about your products, services, area of expertise or some other relevant topic. From opening to identifying the main ideas and a strong closing statement, you are given practical critique and techniques to speak in a convincing, engaging manner.

2. Find your own voice and style while deepening your understanding of the role of personalities as a speaker and leader, with professional guidance and a specific focus on English-speaking audiences.

Discover insights about your communication style, motivations and other factors that can influence your outcome with all audiences, while becoming familiar with preferences and expectations of English-speaking groups. Every participant receives a set of three personalized reports both in English and their native language to increase understanding of how to best approach and persuade the different personality types in their audiences. Team reports are provided for multiple attendees from the same organization.
3. Personalized coaching on content and delivery to an English-speaking audience.

It’s not enough to have a written presentation. You need the right stories, data and examples. Further, how you adapt your content to be engaging and articulate when speaking live or online is what truly matters. You’re given immediate and valuable feedback on what you’re saying and how to adapt or adjust it for English-speaking groups or for that important one-on-one opportunity.
4. Be prepared for both planned and impromptu speaking opportunities.

While mastering how to develop a planned presentation, you’ll be given chances to try out key components and learn to become more adept at those last-minute speaking situations. After all, the reality is you’ll most likely give more impromptu responses to questions than planned presentations! The skill of being able to maneuver quickly on your feet will pay off over and over again.

5. Get guidance on key cultural differences that can interfere with your success in English-speaking business situations.

Choices of words, attire, use of gestures, tone of voice and other common aspects of public speaking can positively – or negatively – impact your success when you’re presenting in English and it’s not your native language. You’ll be introduced to proven approaches to cultural differences to help you emerge as the expert you are and reduce the chances of any unexpected responses.

6. Receive access to Speakout’s exclusive online learning resources you can use anywhere, anytime.

Gain access to Speak Your Way to the Top, eCourse, with nine steps, videos, interactive exercises, fill-able PDFs, audio tips and much more. You’ll use this course to develop your main presentation. Additionally, you’ll be given materials to help you craft a U.S. style elevator speech and other tools for networking.

7. Optional video taping of finished segments for social media and other marketing purposes.

If you decide you want to video any part of your finished presentation, Speakout can make available professional video support to help you leave your Retreat with components you can use for social media, your website and other applications.

Requirements for International Leader Speaking Retreat?

  1. Executive Speaking Retreat participants are expected to be fully fluent in conversational English. Coaching will address pronunciation and high-level grammatical issues as needed.
  2. Before the start of the Retreat, each Executive will have confirmed the topic for their presentation with the Speakout professional team.
  3. With multiple attendees from one company, it is expected that each participant will develop a different message but two can work on one message together if preferred.
  4. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop computer or tablet for the training to access the eCourse. Printed PDFs can be provided as an alternative if needed.

Locations and dates to be determined, beginning in 1Q 2020.

Please contact us for more details

and to arrange for your retreat.