When your body fails to cooperate, the world seems much smaller, doesn’t it? I’ve been wracked with bronchitis for more than a week and it’s frustrating to find myself restricted to bed and home.A woman sitting at a table with papers and a laptop.

A friend advised me to consider what “signals†my illness is sending me about life in general. I confess never to thinking that way before. For an ironic change, I could honestly report I had not been overworking, had been exercising and walking, eating right, all the supposedly correct in-balance things. Even took Mother’s Day weekend off to go to the beach with my dear daughter. Nonetheless, I still caught something pretty strong.

In this spirit, here’s my question to ask yourself:  What “signals†are you getting about how you are interacting with the important people in your work world?  Would you say that most of your conversations are rewarding and productive? Or, do you find you’re dealing with constant “turf wars,†missed deadlines, complaints, lack of motivation, and underperforming co-workers?

A woman sitting at a table with papers and a laptop.

Stress in the workplace is certainly not new, but it’s unquestionably showing up at higher and higher rates. Why? Part of the reason includes the failure of our economy to charge ahead as we’d hoped. Adding significantly to stress is the widespread introduction of new, demanding technologies. At the personal level, most folks are juggling too many priorities in too little time. On top is a dramatically changing workforce with so many experienced Boomers beginning to leave long-held positions.

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Meanwhile, I’ve made a pot of chicken soup and expect to get better any day! Take care of yourself and your valued co-workers! I look forward to hearing from you soon.