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Leave your personal baggage as far as possible from your computer or phone screen when it’s your turn to speak online during a meeting. I realize that may be easier said than done now, given the Coronavirus crisis pushing many of us to unprecedented feelings of frustration, isolation, anxiety, and outright fear of what’s coming.

So how can you separate yourself from the madness to appear “calm and in control†online?

Here’s a set of “warm-up†exercises I recommend before you jump on that Zoom or FaceBook call so you can shine despite the current darkness:

Prepare with the right mindset

Give yourself a few minutes just before your scheduled meeting to mentally prepare. Your goal is to create a positive mental attitude so you can come across confident and professional. Develop a routine that suits you, such as closing your eyes and deeply breathe in and out for 60 seconds or more.  You can also look out your window to check out the sky or neighborhood. Or think of something funny or for which you are grateful and reflect for a few minutes on these parts of your life.

Take a peek at yourself on the camera

 Make sure you look your best. Take a peek at yourself on the camera of the platform you’re using first. Or at least view yourself in a big mirror. Brush your hair. Fix your collar. Ladies, re-apply lipstick and powder your face a bit if needed.

Practice your smile

Practice smiling naturally when you see yourself on camera. When we’re nervous, we tend to neglect this relaxing capability entirely or we overcompensate and seem giddy. Get familiar with what a “normal†smile feels like and how you can generate it on demand.

Rehearse aloud

Rehearse aloud (and record if possible) your opening words, including the Greeting, how you say “hello†or “good morning,â€Â  and your actual Opening remarks.

Learn the best practices

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Now, you are ready to shine online. You’re invited to join our free You Can Do It Online! Webinar series.

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