When you speak in a business situation, you expect someone to listen. But  you probably want more from the conversation, right?

Whether you’re management or staff, your purpose is usually to convince another person to do something you are asking. Think:

  • meet a deadline,
  • okay a raise,
  • buy your product,
  • stay late,
  • accept your proposal.

To make that happen, at your service, free of charge, meet the three grandest most powerful “G†words.

First, the most powerful “g†word of them all is what motivates most people to action, although few like to admit it:

The word is greed.Greed affects all ages, income levels, and diversity types. Used strategically as the motivator in a presentation or meeting, greed compels us to listen to you and may, at the same time, move us to the action you are seeking.

Greed is usually but not always tied into money. In addition to suggesting that someone can expand their wealth or bolster their bottom line by doing what you ask, you can also secure a “yes†response by showing how they can add to their sex appeal, recognition level, respect, grow their power base and other similar greed-inspired phrases.

The next mighty “g†word has become commonplace in arenas from sports to business, but that does not diminish its potency for you in the pursuit of “yes.â€Â  When you talk about their goal – personal, team, leadership or organizational – in terms of what you are asking them to do – you seriously increase your odds of success in reaching your own goals.

And finally, there’s a recommendation to incorporate this honorable “g†word into your relationships and challenges.

Generosity encourages like-minded behavior while breaking down communication barriers. Be generous with your praise, time, energy and willingness to share what you have.

Tell people that they are great thinkers, good-hearted, ingenious, gallant, or guardians, and they’ll usually act that way.  What’s more, you’ll find it much easier to guide them and get the gold, the “yesâ€Â answer you ultimately desire. Go for it!

P.S. My own experience with “gâ€Â words as they relate to a special conference may be helpful. I am a founding member of the steering committee for the Go for the Greens Conference at Disney in Orlando (www.goforthegreens.org).

In this case, the three Greens stand for Procurement/Money (Green), the  Environment (Green) and Golf. The main goal is to provide opportunities for women business owners to attract new business (green cash!) with both government and private sector entities. Equally important is a focus on the Environment, protecting the planet and at the same time, showing how business owners can profit from developing green products and services. The last goal of the conference is to increase interest in women entrepreneurs in playing golf, and proceeds from the charity tournament go to breast cancer research. If you know someone who might benefit from sponsoring or attending Go For the Greens, please forward the link above. Thanks!

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