Public Speaking Enterprise Programs

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If more of your team members projected confidence and capability when presenting their ideas, expertise and solutions at meetings and to clients, what value would that bring to your organization?

What’s it costing not having them perform at the highest level?


Whether in-house at an important meeting or representing your organization on stage, how convincingly your team members speak to others translates into profitable results – or expensive disappointments.

You can help your executives and other team members learn to develop a compelling and well-organized message, and become more dynamic, polished and memorable speakers and leaders, with Speakout’s Enterprise Training Programs.

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Choose from these great options:

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Are your team members presenting their messages in the most convincing, professional manner when it’s their turn to speak? What business opportunities are being lost because their ideas are not being heard or acted upon?

Whether speaking in-house at an important meeting, to clients, or at an industry conference, every team member can become a more dynamic, polished and memorable speaker and leader. Interacting face-to-face with confidence and style helps your organization compete today more successfully on the local, national and international level. 

Speakout’s Group Training and Mastermind programs provide personalized, practical techniques to advance individual and team performance. Choose from live and virtual options.

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Looking for a digital, flexible way to develop your team members’ most important skills – effectively presenting their ideas and expertise to others?

In this practical, engaging, do-it-yourself e-course from Speakout, the learner is taken step-by-step from brainstorming ideas to crafting the message and a compelling close. Nine upbeat videos guide the process from start to finish.

Whether the goal is motivational or persuasive, with key questions to answer along the way, and easy, fill-in-the-blank segments, the result is well-organized content that rings true, ready to deliver.

Built-in features enable the organization to monitor its team members’ progress in the course, helping to assure a solid return on investment.

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