Learn to persuade your audience wherever you are. Our eLearning content is specially design for each particular industry.

About our eLearning


For more than 30 years we have trained the communication skills of more than 1000 business and community leaders. To make our value proposition more accessible we ventured into the fascinating world of eLearning in 2016 and have had an amazing reception from our audience. 

All of our eLearning material follows the next principles:

  • Result Oriented: Every presentation is made to motivate or convince an audience (of one person or 1000+) to take action. All of our material is focused on getting the results out of your speaking opportunities.
  • Interactivity: Craft your persuasive message on the go, as you complete each step of our eCourses.
  • Portability: Learn on your tablet, computer or cell phone.

Now You Can Create Powerful, Engaging Messages For Internal, External and Online Audiences – from 1 person to 1000+


Present Your Expertise: Turn Your Words Into Results

Free 5-day miniCourse

Speak To Succeed: How To Build Presentations That Get Results

For Business Owners, Professionals & Community Leaders

Speak Your Way to the Top: How To Create a Powerful, Engaging Message

For Corporate Leaders and Up & Comers


How to Quickly & Easily Write a Wedding Toast They’ll Remember Always


About the author.

Anne B. Freedman is an international presentation coach, and communication expert, author and app developer. As the founder and president of Speakout, Inc., she has trained and worked with hundreds of executives and businesses, including multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and community-based organizations worldwide.

Anne Freedman

Presentations that Get Results: For Lawyers & Small Firm Managers

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