“Put the knife down.†That’s what I was advised after a tense conference call this week.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are pushing too hard.

When it comes to putting together and delivering a good presentation or speech, to building our business, or to achieving a specific goal, we can be on the edge and not even realize it.

How do you know you’re acting in a way that may not be healthy or may be sending out energy in a way you don’t intend? How do you sort out what feels as if you need to step on the pedal versus backing off for a needed perspective, or more critically, the necessary air – to breathe – to make the right decisions?

The clues seem to come from close friends and family who see you hitting your head against the wall and not accepting the fact that there is another way to gain entry to the other side.


As I continue to heal from the loss of my dear husband, I am reminded of how we need to choose our paths considering both mind and heart. You may be facing some other kind of loss or disappointment that is interfering with your ability to rally yourself.

Regardless of what we’re facing, I believe it’s up to us to learn how to “let go of the knife†that drives us sometimes to keep attacking new challenges instead of embracing them. We need to find a way to heal ourselves, love ourselves and go forward.

When you are public speaking, you are out there, essentially naked with respect to shielding your emotions, until you acquire the skills to control both your words and your feelings.

With study, with practice and with commitment, of course, you do feel less vulnerable and more in control. That’s part of what I’ll be teaching you in my new 4-part Business Speaking E-Course: Go from Ordinary to Dynamic that starts next Wednesday, May 18th. You are welcomed to click this link to find out more and to register at our special rate. Click here.